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Parnetic Search’s network of recruiting professionals speak with hundreds of accounting and finance candidates each month. Our focus on the Pacific Northwest and specific roles such as Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager, Controller, VP of Accounting and Finance keys us connected with the best talent. Our consultative approach accelerates the process of finding the right match for your open position.

We take a value-based approach to recruitment. Investing the time to understand your corporate values, culture and objectives for every opportunity. Every search is it’s own unique project and deserves to be managed as such. The project plan maps our mutual path to success. Our company values of openness, quality and transparency at every step in the process sow the seeds of a long-term partnership with our customers.

Roles We fill:

Parnetic focuses on finance and accounting roles such as:

Revenue Generating Roles

RPO Services

Executive Search

Revenue Managing Roles

Specializing in Sales, Operations, and Executive positions exclusively within the Credit and Collections (ARM), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Contact Center (BPO) Industry

Senior Leadership

  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • VP of Revenue
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP/SVP of Finance


  • Senior Account Managers
  • Director / VP of Sales
  • Sales Managers

Customer Success

  • Director/VP of Customer Success
  • Director of Customer Experience
  • Customer Success Manager

Accounting & Finance

  • Senior Accountant
  • Controller
  • Director of Revenue Operations
  • Director of Business Development
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • VP of Client Services
  • Client Experience Management
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • Finance Manager
  • Technical Accounting Manager
  • Revenue Accounting Manager
  • Senior Revenue Accountant



Let us save time and money on hiring. We will take care of narrowing the field for you. We leverage our extensive talent network and proactively recruit both active and difficult to reach passive candidates, from entry-level to executive-level and professional searches. We extensively screen, interview, and vet to both meet or exceed your requirements and will assure they are interested in culture in your opportunity.


Flexible placement options to fit your specific needs. We can help you respond not react to any challenges. Projects to complete, temporary support while looking for permanent hires? We provide a 3-day unconditional guarantee on all temporary employees. Let us know if you are unsatisfied within the first three days and there is no cost to you.




From our first call, our recruiters are seeking to understand the motivations and aspirations behind each search. What roadblocks are in our way? What’s not in the job description? The result is a detailed project plan that is our roadmap to a successful placement.


Building on the Intake process, our recruiters will map the market of competitors and potential candidates. Looking beyond the job description, what analogs can we leverage to accelerate each hire?


We don’t send resumes over blindly. Every candidate we put of for consideration has had several calls with us and their references have been verified. Your time is valuable and so is that of great candidates. We don’t waste people’s time.


This is where your internal hiring process takes over. Each project is unique and our involvement in this phase is specific to each customer’s needs.


Throughout the hiring process, we are in consent contact with candidates. As a independent third-party, we provide consultation to candidate and company alike. Everyone wins only if the right fit with the right candidate is found.


We never stop improving. After the process is complete we want to stay in touch and learn from what worked and if there are any areas for improvement. Growth mindset is central to our company values.

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